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Reduce stress

Give you more time for life

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Welcome to my business, I'm Kathryn

The concept for Clear the Clutter is simple - help people.

I declutter, I organise and I work with people who need to simplify their lives in terms of possessions to:

  • Declutter & organise to eliminate daily anxiety that claims head space, makes the heart beat too quickly & drags mood down.

  • Declutter & organise to create more room in rooms.

  • Declutter and organise children's rooms to keep parents sane.

  • Pre-market declutter & home style to gain maximum value.

If your home or mental health needs help I encourage you to contact me, fire questions at me & organise to meet me so that you can understand just how much I can help you....I can help improve your quality of life.

Declutter and organise to sell without being let down by broken promises of help from family plus avoid those pesky family arguments & get the work done in less time!



Declutter & Organise for Living

Work together to remove clutter from your life and organise the remaining items.  Get back into your garage, your spare room or make more living space.

Declutter/Organise, Home Style & Pack - To Move

Do you understand the impact on sale price that decluttering and styling your home creates?

Work alongside me and together we can  ensuring the process is efficient, stress free and adds value to your asset.

Declutter & Organise​ - Storage Units

Do you have a storage container or lock up storage that you are paying rent or fees on and have been for years?  When was the last time you used most of the things in there and will you ever again?  
Together we can declutter and organise and save you money in the long run.



I love my job and I am good at it.  Others agree. Read on to see some of the reviews I’ve received.

Decluttered laundry and deck

Kathryn is a hard-working and efficient home organizer. She was amazing at helping me reclaim my laundry from the drop zone it had become. Since we were so fast getting the laundry done she also tackled a couple of difficult kitchen cupboards for me and took all my rubbish and donations with her when she left. She offers the fantastic service of on-selling items of value for a small commission fee.

I highly recommend Kathryn's competent service to get your house clutter free and feel more at home in your own space!

C Contrary - Rotorua

Store room declutter

Fantastic service - cleared a large storeroom which I had been chucking things in.  I chucked a whole heap of stuff which she took away! Fantastic not to fill my own bin, because honestly it wouldn’t have all fit!

Really friendly and non-judgmental!

A Maandonks - Reporoa

Garage declutter

A decade of clutter from three households was sitting in one garage. Kathryn walked us through how to donate, rubbish or save each item. The difference is impressive.

Trust her! She knows what she is doing and has your best interest at heart.

R Nicole - Rotorua

Partial single garage declutter

Used the service of Kathryn's and I must say it inspired me to get rid of clutter around the place.  Kathryn cleared out my stepfathers shed and now it is a usable space.  

Kathryn is a great organiser and I would highly recommended using her services.

J Mccurdy - Rotorua

Toy room clear out

Looking back at the before photos I cringe at the state of my house.

I highly recommend Kathryn, she is great, not pushy in making you dispose of items at all.  It is a process that she helps with every step of the way.

Thank you Kathryn.

M Jacobs - Mamaku

Spare room clear out and organise

Kathryn came into my home to help me declutter my spare room.  She was so lovely and non judgmental.  We sorted, packed, donated and in a few hours we had gone from a room you couldn't walk in, to a room you could swing a cat in! (I promise no cats were swung!)

I highly recommend her services and will be using her services again.

T Howitt - Ngongotaha


We were very impressed with Kathryn’s work.  She transformed our immensely cluttered spare room into a functional and usable storage space and in only a few hours.  No job is too hard for her.

She was faultless and we highly recommend her.

Lorna - Central Rotorua


Lets work together to remove clutter

  • If you need to declutter or need a professional organiser

  • If you want someone else to take care of charity donation, time consuming selling of items and rubbish removal  

  • If you need help presenting your home before selling

Then call 021 811 788 or send me a message and ill be in touch.

Thanks for getting in touch. I will be in contact shortly to answer all your clutter questions!