Kathryn McAlonan organiser

A Little Bit About Kathryn

Your Rotorua based home clutter remover and organiser

I will be spending time in your home, working closely with you and your family.  Often I will be privy to worries or emotion that others are not and for that reason I think it is important to know a little bit about me before you decide to make contact.  

So here I am, with my 5 year old son Christopher.  I am 38, a solo parent and moved to Rotorua 3 years ago.  My career has been in the insurance industry as a Loss Adjuster however the negativity of the industry was too much to carry on.  I have lived overseas and in several regions of New Zealand.  

Christopher and I enjoy living in Rotorua and are both beginner mountain bikers and keen off road walkers...well maybe Christopher isn't that keen all the time! 

We have the same highs and lows as every other family (lets be real life is not perfect) but generally enjoy our life, time with our family and friends and the company of new people in new situations.  

Like Christopher's 5 year old mind I view the world as it is in every moment and speak the truth, with delicacy and understanding as the situation requires.

I love decluttering and organising and equally I love seeing the positive impact on-selling items, charity donation and rubbish removal has on peoples lives. 

I am very happy working to help others and cannot wait to meet you all.  ​