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Clear the Clutter Overview

Through Rotorua based Clear the Clutter with Kathryn I work with individuals, families and agencies to remove clutter (or organise) and leave clarity and peace of mind.

My role is multifaceted.  I dig in and undertake the physical work while also providing the encouragement, opinions/ideas, emotional support and guidance that is often required to make decisions about the fate of items.

I understand the emotion/stress involved in preparing for and undertaking a house move, for owners and/or their grown families, many whom live in different cities. 

I also understand the mental and emotional toll that living with too much clutter can take and it is my aim that I support every person as they require while still completing the task at hand.  Sometimes providing that support may mean works takes a little longer but emotional support is a priority.

I am also very practical and straight forward.  If no emotional support is required we work as a team to get in and get decluttered and organised!

The Declutter Process - In Short

  • Meet homeowner or their family to view & discuss their needs & the work required. 

  • Appointment is booked, homeowner or I buy any necessary items.

  • On the day everything is pulled out of the room being worked on and organised into categories.  Items to remain at the property are reinstated to the room or packed.

  • Items are normally removed by myself and I organise charity donation & rubbish removal.

All declutter services require teamwork in the form of hands on work and decision making from clients if they are able to.  If people are physically unable to help then I do the physical work and support them to make the decisions. 

My job is a fluid one, everyone has different needs therefore while I have a general structure for the business it is able to be tailored to accommodate individual requirements.