Consultation - Online or in Home

Life is busy and sometimes it is just easier to have a quick chat and send a few photos of the areas that require work or walk me through your home through Zoom.
If this doesn't suit you I can come to you!

Clear the Clutter with Kathryn_Submark_G

Declutter & Organise for Living

Toys, loose paper, clothes, electronics, books, art supplies, pet things, unused furniture, tupperware, kitchen appliances.  Do you have a room/s that are cluttered by any or all of these?

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, trapped or just plain miserable due to the state of your home? 

Lets discuss your needs.  You don't need to live an unhappy life due to stuff, let’s get it out of your life and what remains organised! 

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Declutter/Organise, Home Style & Pack - To Move

Preparing to sell your house can be one of the most significant challenges you will encounter.

You may look around not know where to start and end up feeling overwhelmed or the thought of moving might instantly cause stress. 

Do you understand the impact on sale price that decluttering and styling your home creates?

Work alongside me and together we can make declutter, organise, pack and style while ensuring the process is manageable, efficient and as stress free as possible.


Garage/Storage Unit - Declutter & Organise

If you don't have space to park your car in the garage or you can't use your workbench nor find half your tools.  If your sports gear is strewn throughout the garage somewhere and the only accessible item is the lawnmower then it’s time to declutter and organise! 

Do you have a storage container or lock up storage that you are paying rent or fees on and have been for years?  When was the last time you used most of the things in there and will you ever again?  
Talk to me and together we can declutter and organize your spaces and save you money in the long run.


Small Space - Home Declutter & Organise

This service can be used if your rooms aren't cluttered but you have things jammed into and hidden in linen cupboards, bathroom drawers, any drawers!

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